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The SAM4s SAP-630 Series is an ECR-Style all-in-one Android POS terminal.  Featuring a hybrid design, SAM4s has combined a 9.7" touch display for operating the POS solution by touch with a large keyboard to support frequently used items, plus a built-in printer, customer display, and cash drawer. The SAP-630 Series is a powerful platform for cafeteria, food court, thrift store, convenience store, grocery, liquor, tobacco and many other applications.


  • Charge price - $5,295 + VAT = $6,221.63
    Cash price - $4,500 + VAT = $5,287.50

    *pricing includes basic programming and setup and software license for 1 year. 

    Additional requirements may be discussed as needed.

    Prices may be changed at any time without further notice

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