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Powerful multifunction POS printer for retail and financial services.

The OmniLink TM-H6000V multifunction POS printer from Epson features all the tools that growing businesses need. With dynamic multi-interface connectivity, it can be shared by mobile devices and legacy POS terminals. Designed for the cloud, the TM-H6000V helps businesses leverage printing from Web-based apps including online ordering services, so they’re ready for the ever-changing world of retail. Remote printer monitoring1 means less down time and an intuitive control panel provides clear error indications. The TM-H6000V also facilitates distributed proximity-based printing with Beacon2 and NFC3 technologies, and offers advanced paper-saving features.

Receipt Printer EPSON TMH6000V - usb/serial/ethernet

  • Charge price - $2,914 + VAT + VAT = $3,423.95
    Cash price - $2,477 + VAT = $2,910.48

    Prices may be changed at any time without further notice

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