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Hands Free with Auto Scanning OPTIMA’s OPT-3500-WL is a speedy hand-held CCD barcode scanner features a patented automatic infrared activation for decoding all 2D barcodes. The quality sensor allows for easy reading of high density, laminated and coloured labels. The OPT-3500 also comes with an adjustable stand and auto-sensing scanning function for hands-free use.

Optima 3500 Wireless 2D Barcode Scanner

Out of Stock
  • Charge price - $530 + VAT = $622.75
    Cash price - $450 + VAT = $528.75

    Prices may be changed at any time without further notice

    • Hands free adjustable stand
    • Light weight for easy use
    • Durable scan element design
    • 2D Single Line Scanner
    • 200 Times/Second Decoding
    • Wireless dongle via USB portal
    • Immune to light interference (sunlight, ambient, office, factory)
    • Low Bit Rate error
    • Ergonomic Design
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