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7" Graphic Customer Display

ML700 Pole Display

  • $500 + vat = $587.50


    Prices may be changed at any time without further notice

  • • Large 7" liquid crystal display.
    • Visually promote products and specials.
    • Like an order confi rmation screen, customers can view each item as it is entered or as corrections are made.
    • Visually displaying the entire order promotes accuracy and reduces fraud.
    • Use the slide show confi guration like a digital photo frame.
    • Rotatable – choose portrait or landscape orientation.
    • User customizable height from 5-1/2" to 20".
    • Images are extremely easy to load.


    The ML700 is compatible with the following SAM4s ECR models:

    ER-285M (v5.013 or Later)
    ER-390M (v4.1 or Later)
    ER-650 (v11.2r)
    ER-650R (v3.6r)
    ER-655II (v2.5)
    ER-5200M Series (v9.3 or Later)
    ER-900 Series (v1.037 or Later)
    SPS-300 Series (v1.046 or Later)
    SPS-500 Series Hybrid ECRs (v1.00s [2-25-2013] or Later)
    SPS-2000 (v3.00g31 [2-25-2013] or Later)

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