The SR-S4000 sleek, stylish design will fit nicely in all types of business venues. The 30 standard department keys provide owners a multiple ways to track various product categories and 7,000 PLU’s to individually record sales activity of specific items. The SR-S4000 offers other analytical tools that include cashier/operator sales tracking, hourly sales, transaction key and electronic journal reporting. The SR-S4000 comes with a long list of functionality that surpasses most entry level cash registers.

CASIO Cash Register SRS4000MC

  • Charge price - $1,999 + VAT = $2,34.83
    Cash price - $1,699 + VAT = $1,996.33

    *pricing includes basic programming and setup. Additional requirements may be discussed as needed.

    Prices may be changed at any time without further notice

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